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R.I.P, America


After the U.S. was attacked on 9/11, all Americans were advised “If you see something, say something”. In other words, if you see or hear a conversation, or become aware of an activity which is suspicious, notify authorities - it could prevent another attack on America.

Well, America is being attacked right now. And most people simply go about their normal lives without giving it a second thought. Either they’re too ignorant to realize the danger of what they’re seeing - or they’re complicit and approve of the activity - in which case, we have millions of people who sincerely believe that America should be torn apart - disassembled and reassembled into a different format more to their liking.

Hard to believe? To explain, I’ll use an analogy: If one political party used guns and explosives to undermine the will of the majority of voters - to take over the country by bloody coup, most patriotic Americans would be outraged and take up arms to defend the country that we love and consider the best in the world. Right?

But what if that political party - instead of using bullets and bombs - used an archaic institution to stage a bloodless coup. I refer, of course, to the Electoral College. 

For the fourth time in history, the majority of voters wanted the Democratic candidate in the White House rather than the Republican candidate. But the GOP gladly embraced the coup, using the Electoral College to pull it off. They knew full well that it was wrong and un-American to subvert the will of the majority, but they gladly do it, and have done it 4 times now. And they’ll do it again.

Thanks to the Electoral College, we have a dangerous, arrogant, man-child living in the White House and running/ruining the country. From a spiritual standpoint, he's an infant; crawling around on his hands and knees, with a soiled diaper and a runny nose. He'll never grow up. And 60+ million foolish people just gave him the authority to launch our 4,000+ nuclear missiles.

If the congressional leaders on the GOP side of the aisle were truly patriotic Americans, they would demand that the Electoral College be abolished. They would immediately set out to ratify the constitution to get rid of it, so that the most important office in the land is decided by the majority of the voters. But do they? Of course not. This is because, over the years, the attackers have insidiously flooded congress with operatives who only pretend to love America. These congressional invaders have repeatedly used the E.C. to great advantage, taking over our country without firing a shot. 

Who are these attackers who filled congress with useless people who have no conscience nor love of the ideals upon which America was founded? Do they carry AK47s? Do they face east on their prayer rugs several times a day? Do they wear turbans or hijabs? No. They’re the people who walk into voting booths and vote for every candidate with (R) beside their name, whether or not the candidate has a soul and a fully functioning brain. 

These people come from all walks of life. Some dig ditches for a living and some wear white lab coats with stethoscopes around their necks. Some never read books and some write books. Some have very low IQs and others belong to Mensa. 

The most damaging common denominator is that they are all pathetic judges of character. They can’t tell the difference between a candidate who has his or her ego firmly under control and lets their conscience/soul make their decisions - or a candidate who has never grown up spiritually and whose conscience never fully evolved - and is therefore driven and controlled by their ego. The latter candidates do the most damage to America after being elected to office. 

In the 2016 presidential election, more than 65.8 million Americans took the time to go to their polling place and vote for Hillary Clinton - 2.9 million more than voted for the spiritual infant, Trump. But thanks to the Electoral College, they might as well have stayed home, because their votes didn’t count. 

There are too many perpetrators amongst us to root them out and help them. We can’t enlighten someone else. Enlightenment isn’t accomplished by committee or by an intervention of friends. It’s definitely a do-it-yourself project. The path requires introspection, reflection, meditation, empathy, compassion, the ability to recognize past errors and the willingness to avoid making them again in the future. Far too many people are simply incapable of evolving further than they already have.

The Republican party used to be represented by great presidents like Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt. Even Dwight Eisenhower did a good job and was well respected on the world stage. But for the last half century, the GOP has run a constant string of people who were in no way qualified to lead a country which had the potential to be the greatest in human history: Nixon, Reagan, Ford, Bush, Bush 2, and now the worst of all, Trump. I'll admit, I voted for Nixon. But I was 20 years old - young and foolish. That's when I started seeing the cancer that was starting to grow within the GOP.

I really think that if the head of the GOP went out to a west Texas highway and found a dead armadillo that was smashed by a truck and ran it as President, a disturbingly high percentage of the people who support Trump would consider voting for it - because they value the republican party more than America. They just want to “beat” the Democrats. 

Millions of us are sickened to think that one day, a group of people - many with impressionable young children - will be walking through the White House on a public tour and will see portraits of our finest presidents, Democrats and Republicans alike, and there among them will hang a painting of Donald Trump.  Our only hope is that some wise White House staffer will locate his painting in the back of a broom closet so as not to make a tourist lose their lunch on the White House carpet.

America, the country I used to love, is no longer a democracy. For the second time in 16 years, the republicans have used the antiquated Electoral College to install an inferior, unworthy candidate as president.

My wife and I used to be good citizens. When a disaster like a bad hurricane or tornado devastated part of the country, we’d send checks to relief agencies for $100, or $500 - whatever we could afford at the time. Once we each sent $500. But we don’t care any more. The country we used to love is swirling down the drain. It can’t be saved now. And we can’t stand to watch it happen, so we’ve stopped watching the news on television and we've stopped going to news websites on the internet. Emotionally, we've seceded from the union.

Those who voted for Trump seem to be bent on destroying the America envisioned by our founders and replacing it with something inferior, dark, and un-democratic. They put their party first, before America, and before the majority of Americans. Far too many of them voted with their ego instead of their conscience/soul. After staging a coup and subverting the will of the majority, are they contrite and sorrowful that their actions have seriously damaged a great country? No. Many of them strut around, proud as peacocks, and call the majority “losers” and “cry-babies”.

Over 65 million people are watching the country we love in a death spiral - like a train wreck in slow motion. And there’s nothing we can do about it.

It’s heartbreaking to say it, but a 240-year-old institution is dying on our watch. And no great American hero will ride in and save the day. That only happens in the movies.

Rest In Peace, America.



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