Hana Ranch on Maui


Hana Ranch (www.hotelhanamaui.com) sits on the east shore of Maui, remote and secluded from the usual tourist hotels that abound on the western side of the island. To reach it requires a trek of 50 miles over the Hana "highway" - a winding, twisting, 2-lane road that narrows to one lane in numerous places. The trip, though only 50 miles, can take as much as 2 hours. On the way, you pass through rain forests, past waterfalls, and along open areas that offer incredible views of the ocean. In addition to traditional hotel rooms, the Hana Ranch also offers cabins that sit on the edge of the property overlooking the ocean. The grounds are meticulously maintained and feature a wide variety of fragrant and flowering plants, trees, and other foliage. The "flame trees" or Royal Poinciana trees in these pictures are so vivid, they look as though someone painted them.